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Be The Best You!

It’s that time of the year where you reflect on the long year you’ve had – all the good things that happened to you, all the lows that hit you, goals you accomplished and the new dreams that you now have.

At Foulard, we don’t believe in pushing you to follow a particular list that suits all, because that is just not practical. We know that everyone is unique. You have traits and skills that make you, YOU! This is why we are here telling you just one thing. This new year, if there’s a resolution that you’re looking for, just resolve to be the best YOU.

Work on being better at whatever you do. Be more passionate, dream bigger and push harder.

A few tips that may help you to be better are here.


Do more of what you love.

If you love cooking, try a new recipe every week. If you enjoy shopping try a new style every quarter and build a versatile closet. Check out our Youtube channel for inspirational videos. If travelling is something that makes you happy, explore your city or the next one!

Once you’ve resolved to be better, there is no looking back.






Dress better.

This is a tried and tested thing!

The better your dress, the better you feel. Add that extra touch no matter where you plan to go or even if you’re just going to sit at home or go for a walk at the park. Wear something that makes you feel good and comfortable. Look for fabrics that suit your skin type and skin tone. Making yourself feel special by dressing up is an important step of self care.

See yourself shine!


Treat yourself often.

It’s not necessary to follow a reward system for yourself that only rewards you once you meet a target. You are your own boss. You can treat yourself when you feel a little low, or maybe when it has been a long tiring week. Be it a sweet treat or just shopping for something that you’ve been longing for, treating yourself gives you energy and instantly lifts your mood. It even relaxes you and prepares you for the coming week.








Spend more time with your family and best friends.

The one thing that we learnt this year because of corona, is the fact that humans are indeed social beings. We need family, friends and more to stay mentally and socially healthy. A small picnic, a day at the park or a weekend getaway seem simple but are extremely bonding.

Go ahead and plan something fun now!

Tell us what’s your plan for the New year.

We wish you a great and successful year ahead!


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