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Face Guide

Face Shape guide

In Foulard, we believe that every hijabi should look elegant in her own way. Therefore, we have made a scarf guide depending on your face shape in order to help you figure out the perfect way to wear your scarf.
We will provide you with a simple test to know your face shape, and we hope we can help you find what you’ve been looking for.

Have a nice experience 🙂

Test Steps

One : Open Snapchat or Instastory or any app that allows you to draw on.

Two : Take a selfie of you posing straight to the camera.

Three : Draw the borders of your face

Four : See what shape is close to the shape you drew

Oval :

This is a universal face shape and almost all styles can go right with it especially the vintage style. A headband under your scarf is the best option to give your face a more even look. Folds on the cheekbones are not recommended as it gives an uneven look to your face. However, a pointy top would look great.

Rana Sawalha is a great reference for this face shapes. Find her on Instagram @ranasawalha

Heart and triangle :

Heart face shape is when your hair is a bit pointy on your forehead, whereas the triangle is when you have a wide forehead and a pointy jaw. According to your face shape, you can add a little V shape on the top to cover the wide forehead. Feel free to fold your scarf in the lower part of your face. You can also add volume to the neck just like the flawless style. You can keep it tight and narrow just like the hooked style.

Leena Snoubar is a great reference for the triangle face shapes.
Find her on Instagram @withloveleena

Square :

You know you have a square face shape when your temple, cheekbones,
and jawline are equal. If you happen to have a pointy jaw,
just like Fatma Husam, turban style is the best style for your face.
The universal scarf with a V shape on top of the scarf would give
an even look to your face, too. We also recommend a headband under your scarf.

Fatma Husam is a great reference for square face shapes.
Find her on Instagram @fatmaa


Long :

It is a bit difficult to differentiate between an oval and a long face shape.
A long face would have a pointier jawline and it would be more
even looking that an oval shaped face.
We advise you to shape your scarf by a curved top, and to avoid turbans.
To contour your face shape, you can add folds underneath your cheekbones.

Samah Safi is a great reference for a long face shapes.
Find her on Instagram @samahsafi

Round :

If you have a round face, we recommend adding folds beneath the cheekbones
and a V shape on top of your scarf to have a toned face shape.
For round face shapes, we suggest turbans and vintage styles.

Maria Ali Al-Sadek is a great reference for round face shapes.
Find her on Instagram @mariaali

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