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Made of olive shantung fabric and embroidered with inspiration from the Umayyad era and Islamic art, this dress has a sharp, standing cut that conveys the serenity of every powerful, knowledgeable woman.


From the golden age of the Umayyad era and its ancient culture, the details of this collection were inspired by the geometric patterns that reflect the unity and arrangement of the universe that starts from within your soul and is reflected in the universe around you.

These patterns are reminiscent of the Ajami art, which the Damascenes have been practicing since antiquity and which is represented by the creation of wood inlaid with pearls and the embellishment of urban domes that are rich with legends and heroic tales.

Type: Embroidered
Fabric: Shantung
Color: Dark Green
Size: S / M / L

*Headpiece is not included

To keep your piece for a longer period, follow the instructions below for each piece separately:
1- Make sure to dry clean all the shantung pieces
2- To take care of velvet pieces and doubtful pieces, use dry washing

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 22 × 27 × .01 cm